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If you like travelling, if your greatest wish is to see different places and people, you must do a Italy tour.

Italy is called “Bel Paese” for the mild climate, the natural beauties, its cities rich of history and culture and, last but not the least, the delicious food, that make of this country an enchanted place, the perfect destination for the trip of your dreams..

In a vacation time is limited, every moment is precious.

How to better spend your time? How to move fast and with self-confidence in a city?
What is wort a visit? How to savor real life? In other words, what should you do not to be a simple tourist?! The answer is easy: choose a private tour of Italy!

This is a special way to do a vacation, a way to discover the tourist sites of this country and its beauties totally in relax.
In a private tour of Italy an expert driver will drive you around in a luxury car to explore the gems of this land, our guided tours and visits of the typical places will show you the essence of Italy keeping you away from the tourist traps.

The greatest advantage of a private tour of Italy is its flexibility, ours are tailored made tours, you can decide “where” and “when”.
You can personalize your itinerary before your arrival, you can ask us advices and we will be happy to answer all your questions and give you our suggestions and opinions.

Both for a tour of few hours than for a tour of a month thought the whole Italy, we will stay at your complete disposal.
If you want to know all the advantages of a Private tour of Italy, please Contact Us


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