Private walking tour of the Underground Rome

Tour Details

On a private walking tour of the underground Rome, your own guide will take you to the Catacombs, dark tunnels flanks by thousands of tombs, sometimes decorated with the frescoes of the Christian religion.Because of the lack of space and money, the Christian community built underground cemeteries where also the martyrs were buried in simple graves.A great example of the stratification of Rome, it's the church of St. Clemente. With your guide you will go down to the deepest of the 3 levels, you will walk through an alley of the ancient city and through the ruins of a Roman domus with a temple of the Persian god Mithra.On the second level you will visit the ruins of the first basilica destroyed in 1084 by the Normans, the survived frescoes of the XI century, with their innocent simplicity tell the stories of St.Clemente, the fourth pope.On the fourth floor the guide will show you the new church of the XII century, a jewel for its artistic treasures (bizantine mosaics, baroque ceiling and frescoes by Masaccio in the chapel of St. Catherine).Another impressive place it's the “Case al Celio”. Under the church of St. John and Paul, there is a place that will bring you back in time. You will explore the ruins of 2 ancient Roman condominiums turned into a magnificent private villa. The frescoes are still brilliant and tell us about the splendour of the Roman houses.contact us and together we will organize the vacation of your dream.