Tours of Lazio

Private Walking Tour of the Baroque Rome

Bernini, Borromoni and Caravaggio In the XVIIth century the scenes of Rome were dominated by Bernini and Borromini.

Rome Private Walking Tours

Experience Rome with you own private guide. Rome, a lifetime is not enough…  

Private walking tour of the Christian Rome

  On the footprints of the saints No other place in the world is like Rome. Here the Catholic religion became part of the city. Statues and paintings of...

Private walking tour of the Underground Rome

Rome it’s not only beautiful above ground, but has something to tell underground too. Hundreds of miles of Catacombs and thousands of ruins are still perfectly intact in the...

Vatican Museums Tours
Vatican Tour

A private tour guide will introduce you into a journey through the Vatican Museums, described by Pope Benedict XVI “Via Pulchritudinis”: the route of beauty. The greatest artists of...

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colosseum private tour of rome
Rome private tour

More than three thousand of history made Rome the richest city in the whole the world. There are so lots monuments and architectonic works that a proverb say “To...

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civitavecchia shore tour
Rome shore excursions from Civitavecchia

Time is precious in a vacation, cruisers know it too well… only few hours in a place and then back for sailing away to another port, ready for another...

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