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The scent of the orange and lemon trees, high cliffs going deep in the blu crystal ocean, pastel color villages with ceramic tiles...
A tour of the Amalfi coast is the perfect summer holiday thanks to the good weather and the wonderful sea of the south of Italy.
An Amalfi coast tour must start from AMALFI, the city the whole coast has been named after.
Amalfi is a small and characteristic village in front of the Mediterranean sea.
Its beauties aren’t only natural but architectural too because of the presence of the magnificent cathedral of St. Andrew, rebuilt many times.
if you will do the Amalfi coast tour in June you can attend the traditional regatta of the ancient Maritime Republics, where the Amalfi’s paddlers defy Genoa, Pisa and Venice’s ones.

In the Amalfi coast every village has its own traditions and its own character.
Conca dei Marmi is the homeland of sfogliatella (puff pastry filled with ricotta and candied fruit) and hosts one of most beautiful cave of the Mediterranean sea the “Emerald Cave”. Positano is a pearl with its suggestive historical centre and the pastel color houses built on the cliff.
Sorrento is famous for the liquor Limoncello made with the local lemons and one cannot miss a visit to the city of music Ravello, or the Atrani’s churches and the workshop pottery of Vietri. At only 40 minuts by ferryboat you can reach the magnificent Island of Capri with its high rocks “the Faraglioni” and the most famous cave: the “Blue grotto”.
But isn’t possible to list all the wonders that you can visit on a tour of the Amalfi coast, so please contact us and together we will organize the vacation of your dream.

  • Amalfi village
  • Conca dei Marmi
  • Positano
  • Sorrento
  • Ravello
  • Atrani’s Churches
  • Island of Capri (optional)
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  • Lunch and Entry fee are not included
  • Is also possible visiting Amalfi’s Coast from Rome and back in one day. Please contact us for any kind of requests